Arpino is, without doubt, the most interesting part of Ciociaria towns, more than 3000 years old, thanks to the numerous and fascinating relics of all ages who have crossed. From the prehistoric sites of the Bronze Age (2500 BC) to the legendary Pelasgians from Greece (XIII BC) to Volsci, migrants Etruscan, to Rome domination, where Arpinum those illustrious sons like Cicero, Gaius Marius, Vipsanio Agrippa, every age has left its mark on architecture: walls, castles, towers, noble residences, churches, monasteries, bridges and roads. The prominent feature is undoubtedly its Acropolis, called Civitavecchia, in every aspect pearl of Ciociara, which has polygonal walls drugs dating about 1300 years before Christ, complete with a arched door unique in the world.
The town lies between two hills whose profile is just a form of "harp"; from its 450 meters above sea level offers views exterminated on the Liri Valley, with its hills towered, Ernici East Mountains, central Apennines. Its territory is vast, it is hilly up to a maximum altitude of 802 meters, there where the wild ravines and cliffs overlooking the gorge of the River Melfa. Olive groves, chestnuts, oaks, coast glabrous, Arpino has a lush and diverse, abundant wildlife, open all year round thanks to a mild climate.
Its proximity to Rome and Naples finally elect the ideal place to spend relaxing moments and intense tradition and culture, always in contact with nature often wild. Tipical products of an ancient civilization agropastoral finally propose to the lucky visitors the ancient flavors of a simple but delicious food and wine.